Become a PsoHappy Ambasssador

Would you like to share with the world your story about living with psoriasis? PsoHappy is looking for ambassadors to help us raise awareness about psoriasis and its impact on happiness and well-being. If you have a history that you would like to share with the public, this could help others understand how it is to live with psoriasis and make a difference to those living with this chronic condition. To become PsoHappy's ambassador, all you need to do is share your story so we can share it with the world. This could mean:

Ready to share your story?
  • Our Communications Manager will contact you
  • You will be invited to an interview via telephone or video call (if you live in Denmark, the interview can take place at our office in Copenhagen)
  • You can review the first draft of the story before its publication
  • We will share your story on our blog and social media channels

We look forward to hearing from you, and sharing your ideas and opinions with a global community. If you want to get involved, just click the button below.
Together we can make the difference!