About us

PsoHappy is dedicated to exploring the impact psoriasis and other chronic conditions have on quality of life and happiness. We do this with a view to raise awareness of how health inequalities can cause gaps in well-being, to address stigma and build a community of support for those living with these debilitating conditions.

We were founded in 2017 in collaboration with the Happiness Research Institute, an independent think tank focused on life satisfaction, and LEO Innovation Lab, the Copenhagen-based health tech incubator.

Sharing a passion for improving the lives of people with chronic skin conditions, we work together to highlight the effect these conditions have on people’s happiness and help put well-being on the agenda of public health institutions and policy makers.

Our research

Our first study of chronic conditions and happiness was conducted through our online platform in 2017. With input from over 120,000 people with self-reported psoriasis across 184 countries, the World Psoriasis Happiness Report 2017 sheds light on what impacts the subjective well-being of people living with psoriasis around the globe.

Major findings from the study include:

Produced in cooperation with the Happiness Research Institute, the World Psoriasis Happiness Report employs the same happiness research methods used by the United Nations. By measuring well-being, our aim is to help decision makers develop better public policies and bridge the potential happiness gaps caused by inequalities in health.

In 2018, we are continuing to educate the world about the impact of psoriasis, collecting and analysing data for our next Report, to be published later this year. As always, our research is aimed at raising awareness of how it is to live with psoriasis, combating stigmas and giving voice to those living with chronic conditions worldwide.

Our partners

PsoHappy works in cooperation with leading psoriasis associations around the world, including:

  • France Psoriasis (Association Pour la Lutte Contre le Psoriasis)
  • National Psoriasis Foundation
  • Canadian Association of Psoriasis Patients
  • Psoriasis-Contact Asbl
  • Psoriasisforeningen
  • CPAM (China International Exchange and Promotion Association for Medical and Healthcare)
  • Japan Psoriasis Association
  • Hong Kong Psoriasis Patients Association
  • Psoriasis en Red
  • PSOPortugal
  • Skin and Allergic Diseases

To raise awareness of the impact of chronic conditions on well-being, we also invite patients to share their stories in our publications and on our blog.

You can read some of our patient stories below:

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