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“It is nice to know that you really aren’t alone, and it is so great to find a place to share both the good and the bad with no judgement.”

Jill, Flaym community member


We all need a place where we can connect with others – and know that we’re not alone. We’re stronger when we belong to a community, and it’s easier to face challenges with the support of our peers. Today, a lot of that social interaction happens online – in dedicated communities where people can log in and share their interests, instantly.

Psoriasis communities can also be found online, making it easy to connect with others who know what living with psoriasis is all about. Psoriasis support group Flaym is one of the newest communities, but growing fast, with over 10,000 “psoriasis warriors” already on board.

Feeling alone


“I feel that sharing our thoughts and emotions with each other is an awesome and positive thing.”

Kelly, Flaym community member


Among people with psoriasis, there’s an acute need for community. PsoHappy recently found that 33% of all people living with psoriasis are lonely[1] – and whatever your age or background, loneliness can have a profound impact. According to PsoHappy research, loneliness is the second strongest predictor of unhappiness, after stress.

Connecting to others is an effective antidote to feeling alone, but many people with psoriasis aren’t sure where to find others who really understand what they’re going through. That’s where online communities and forums can make a difference, putting a support network at your fingertips wherever you are, anytime you need it.

Making contact


“I really enjoy hearing others’ experiences and stories – it lets me know I am not alone. Thanks for sharing!”

Mary Lou, Flaym community member


Flaym is a vibrant and friendly online community, where discussions range from diet, exercise and relationships to coping strategies and treatments. Members come from around the world, and the conversation never stands still. That means you can always find advice, or get the support you may not be able to find anywhere else, from people who understand your challenges.

Online communities like Flaym are free to join, and it’s remarkably easy to get involved – all it takes is typing a response or asking a question. And like any diverse community, Flaym is home to a wide range of personalities, with unique viewpoints and experiences you can learn from.

So no matter where you’re from, or how long you’ve been living with psoriasis, you’re assured of a warm welcome in Flaym. It’s your chance to connect, to belong and know that you’re not alone. And for anyone living with psoriasis, that’s an important step towards happiness.


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