How My Psoriasis Made Me a Happier Person

It sounds crazy, right? But learning that stress is one of the major triggers for psoriasis flare-ups made me invested in my own happiness like I had never been before! We all know that you can’t just decide to be happier. There are techniques to reduce stress that can be learned, however. The benefit of potentially reducing my flare-ups was enough to get me started, but I soon figured out that I would have to practice these techniques for the long haul. Of course, feeling happier is also its own reward! First, I had to accept that my skin condition is a part of me. This one was tough. I tried to ignore my psoriasis, only dealing with it when I had to. I tried to cover it up and pretend like it didn’t exist. Neither of those methods worked—I never knew when it was going to flare up, and…